Wednesday, August 5, 2009

transformation: goddess of grace

Acceptance of my personal journey, unconditional love and the balance of life are themes that provide the foundation for my artwork - my life's work. It is my pure intention to inspire self-love and healing through my art. The marks I make come directly from Spirit and generate energy through the use of vivid color. Each image radiates with strength and the joy of existence. As you gaze at the colors and movement, multiple stories are communicated that affect the viewer at a cellular level. It is my intention to shift your current way of seeing and thinking about your life, and all life. I am aware of the power of my work to create glorious manifestations of harmony and joy with conscious intention. I address every creative idea I am blessed to bring forth with clear vision, positive feeling and enthusiastic motivation. Deeply grateful, I work in serene confidence as the flow of my creativity moves out into the world. I uplift and dissolve anything seen or unseen that stands in opposition to this truth now, and forever. Intending only goodness, harmony, peace and love, the perfect law brings each work into full manifestation. And so it is.

- Catherine Courtlandt McElvane, Artist Statement 2009

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she's lovely as well. thanks for the comment too.